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The Difference Between Love and Lust
The difference between love and lust is: Love is about you. Lust is about me.
Proverbs of Beauty and Goodness
1. Beauty in people is called goodness; goodness in things is called beauty. 2. An essential quality of both is wonder. In beauty wonder is expressed as radiance; in goodness, as love. 3. Another essential quality of both is harmony. In beauty harmony is expressed as balance; in goodness, as...
Proverbs of Happiness
1. Happiness is another term for inner peace. 2. One achieves inner peace through harmony between what one does and what one believes. 3. Thus while outer events might make one happy or sad, happiness itself is entirely internal, and at all times completely within one's power. 4. This do...
Proverbs of Good and Evil
1. Good and evil are like unstable elements that bond immediately to form a single molecule. A jolt of electricity, however, can temporarily separate them again. 2. The innocent are guilty of not knowing they are guilty, whereas the guilty are innocent of not knowing they are guilty. 3. Th...
Appearance and Reality
To appear wise, one must talk; To be wise, one must listen. To appear to do good, one must be busy; To do good, one must know when to stand aside. To appear to lead, one must put oneself first; To lead, one must put oneself last. To appear caring, one must give advice; To be caring...


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