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December Events Part-I
Month-Long Observances Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month Hug-A-Week for the Hearing Impaired Month Human Rights Month Love Your Neighbor Month Read A New Book Month World AIDS Month Week-Long Observances Dec. 01-07. Cookie Cutter Week Dec. 01-07. Aplastic Anemia Awareness Wee...
December Events Part-II
Dec. 18. Republic Day in Niger Dec. 19. Oatmeal Muffin Day Dec. 19. Underdog Day Dec. 20. Go Caroling Day Dec. 21. Don't Be A Scrooge Day Dec. 21. Flashlight Day Dec. 21. Forefathers' Day Dec. 21. Winter Solstice Dec. 21. World Peace Day Dec. 21. Yalda Dec. 22. Yule Dec. 23. ...
January Part II
Jan. 16. National Day of Peace in El Salvador Jan. 16. Haru-No-Yabuiri in Japan Jan. 16. John Chilembwe Day in Malawi Jan. 17. Penguin Awareness Day Jan. 17. Saint Anthony's Day Jan. 17. Liberation Day in Poland Jan. 18. Pooh Day Jan. 18. World Religion Day Jan. 19. Hat Day Jan. 19...
Month-Long Observances Birth Defects Prevention Month Book Month Cancer Prevention Month Cervical Health Month Clean Up Your Computer Month Eye Care Month Glaucoma Awareness Month Hobby Month Love Yourself Month Oatmeal Month Self-Defense Month Soup Month Thyroid Awarenes...


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