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You Know
Bricks are the oldest manufactured building material still in use. The Egyptians used them over 7,000 years ago
Guess what it is
The Volume and Size of 5MB memory storage in 1956. . . . . . . . . . . . . . In September 1956 IBM launched the 305 RAMAC, the first computer with a hard disk drive (HDD). The HDD weighed over a ton and stored 5MB of data. Let us start appreciating your 4 GB jump drive!
Did You Know
The flag of the philippines is the only national flag that changes its appearance depending on whether it is peace or wartime. A portion of the flag is blue,while the other is red. The blue portion is flown on top in time of peace and the red portion is flown on top in wartime.
Aware while you use others Computers
A new device has been introduced to the marketplace that is a huge danger to anyone who uses a PC that is not theirs. It is known as a key tracker and it sits between the keyboard and the PC. As can be seen in the pictures it is very discreet but is probably one of the most dangerous items of equipm...
why Sundays are holidays
Thousands of years ago, the only division of time was month. After a long time, people started feeling the necessity of sub-dividing it further and they split in into weeks and days. In the beginning, it was ten days-week at some places and seven days-a-week at most other places . Later, the Egypt...
Reason for named as Laughing Gas
During the fag end of the 18th century, there was a famous chemist in britain. He would often devote himself in preparing strange chemicals. One day, he prepared a gas which he happened to smell. At once, he had on exhilarating sensation, the like of which he had never felt before. He disclosed this...
Are Gorillas Ferocious
The apperance of a gorilla in a photograph itself is enough to send shivers down the spine of any child and scare the wits out of him. And the wild imagination that such a monster might simply crush anyone to death in an encounter might make a child quite nervous even to see a gorilla inside a cage ...
The Birth Of Boycott
We often come across the word 'boycott' in different contexts. We read about the legislators boycotting the proceedings in the Assembly and staging a dramatic walk-out. We listen to our leaders urging us to boycott foreign goods and patronize 'swadeshi' stuff. We read about workers boycotting the n...
How to easily speed up your BSNL BroadBand Connect
I just found this article which discusses 3 important tips to significantly speed up your internet access through BSNL Dataone broadband connection / most other BroadBand connections like Reliance or Tata Indicom or Sify Broadband . Tip 1: One of the major problems with BSNL Dataone Broadband con...
How Abhirami Andhaati Was Born
The Abhirami Andhaati, a series of hundred verses in praise of goddess Abhirami(parvati), is a beautiful poem commonly sung in Tamil Nadu as part of the worship ritual. The unique feature of this poem is that it has no beginning and no ending; each verse starts with the last word or syllable of the ...
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