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The Temple of Sri Prathyankara Paremeswari
About Goddess and her Glories

Goddess Prathyankara Parameswari     Sri Maha Prathyankara Devi took her form from the Third Eve on the fore head of the mighty & Omnipotent Sri Sarabeshwara (Paramasiva) and had 1000 faces like that of a lion and 2000 hands. This Avatar was to contain the ferocious Narasimha (one of the 10 Avatars of Sri Narayana) and to safe guard peace and dharma. She is called "Aparajita" as none could win her. She is "The Maha Atharvana Bhadrakali" the authority of Yantra, Mantra and Thantra. Since two Rishi's "Angeeras" and "Prathyankaras" spelled out her mantra, she is known by their name "Prathyankara". Her devotees include sage Durvasa, and Siddhars like Bhogar, Pull Pani etc., Having Sri Anjaneya as her guard, she will nullify evil deeds in seconds. She is the nucleus of Navakalis.

     Having full control of all 1 0 directions and having innumerable faces, she is worshipped by Maha Bairava at midnight every day. One who has her mantra siddhi, never sleeps at night and even today the mantra is passed on only by "Guru Sishya" format. Her ferocious look, with 1000 lion like faces with ear shattering laughter, 2000 hands, mouth like a cave, drooping tongue dripping blood, unmatted hair, resting one of her legs on a corpse, very huge omnipotent bearing with three blood red eyes pouring flame on every face. Thrishool, snake, damaroogam (drumming instrument that we see on the hands of Siva), skull adorning her various hands, Rahu as mala, broad neck adorned by a garland of skulls, blue gigantic body, wearing blue dress seated on a lion, occupying all the eight directions and between sky and earth, most ferocious and unconquerable. She gave the “Rudra Shakthi" to lord Shiva, is a savior of devotees and Mahishasuramardhini the Durga is one of her manifestations.

    One who is equal to Siva as Thripura Bhairavi, who presented "Sakthi Vel" to lord Muruga and who took birth as Maya Devi to save Sri Krishna. She prefers Pooja performed at midnight. When she is worshipped in the form of Photo and Yantra evil or evildoers will be destroyed. True devotees can forecast future incidents and will be saved by her always.

    Upon her blessing the king "Vikramadithya" and Mathiyugamathri "Bhatti" could rule Ujjani for 2000 years. Cult figure and warrior Maruthanayagam sewed her Yantra in his thigh and he could not be defeated-killed before the Yantra was removed. Poet "Kalidasa" and "Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa" had direct vision of the Mother. In this Kaliyuga, worshipping Goddess Prathyankara will nullify the evil effects and bring prosperity.

The Importance of the Prathyankara Devi Maha Homa Performed on the Ashtami day after Full moon:

     Ravana's son Indrajith who wanted to become invincible and destroy Rama and lakshmana if not otherwise impossible decided to perform the Maha Prathyankara Homa in the place called Nikumbala. If he could complete it in time then no one could destroy him, but Vibeeshana his uncle knowing this fact took the help of Anjaneya to destroy the Homa and helped lakshmana to kill Indrajith and the Homa was dropped in the middle.

    In such yagas, Devas, Rishis, siddhas and noble men in cosmic form take part and bless all those who attended the Yaga to fulfill the long awaited wishes and cure prolonged illness. Since this homa is preformed in the midnight using rare herbs and medicinal plants the radiation from the homa has power to solve many problems like anxiety, prolonged illness, family problems, mental disorders and brings good fortune to people waiting to get married, for women to bear children, for business people having problems, for people embroiled in court cases, lost property, money, and evil effects. These facts are clearly explained in our puranas.

    "Darsan on Ashtami day bring all prosperities".

The Specialities of Shri Pralaya Vinayagar and Shri Maha Prathyankara Devi

     1008 Ganapathi Homa continuously for 24 hrs., 1008 honey kalasa Abisheka, 108 idols pooja and 1008 laddu Archanas were performed to Shri Pralaya Vinayagar. Vimana of the Garbha graha of this Vinayagar temple is in the shape of "Gaja Pristam" as per sastra.

    The presence of "Mahakala Bairava", "Ugra Narasimha", "Sabathamathas" and the Vimana Gopura in the shape of "Poorna Sri Mahameru", and the 72 feet high Vishvaroopa of Devi is something unique. As the Devi usually resides in a grave yard the presence of 5 grave yards around this temple is very special. This place was the residence of Morattandi Siddhar (Thollakathu Swamigal) who lived here for a very long time, performed his penance, and makes this place very special and sacred. These unique features cannot be found in any other holy place in the world.

Best for Devi Worship

     Tuesday, Friday, Sunday Rahukalam, new moon and full moon day, Krishna paksha Ashtami midnight yaga. Blue coloured clothes, sweet Anna, Gingelly rice, Tamarind rice, Curd rice, gingelly sweet cake, Jaggery water mixed with ginger and lemon, Roots, Black gram preparation, Butter, Grape juice, Dates, Cardamom, Jathi Pathiri, Garlands of Lemon and flowers, Blue and Red coloured flowers, Til flowers, Red lotus are best to offer, seeking goddess Prithiyankara's blessings.

Daily Darshan

     Morning 08:00 AM To 01:00 PM
     Evening 03:30 PM To 08:30 PM

Hereditary Authority:

Sri Pralaya Vinayagar, Pathala Sri Prathyankara Parameswari Ashram & Trust,
Navab T.S. Rajamanikam Pillai Street, Marattandi,Vanur T.K., Tamilnadu.
(Bus Route : Tindivanam to Puducherry - Bus Stop : Morattandi)
Phone: 0413 - 2234931
Cell: 3115781, 3119071

    This Ashram performs this Yaga every month on Krishna Paksha Ashtami day (Ashtami day after full moon) from 12.00 midnight to 4.00 a.m. in the morning for the betterment of the devotees and brings peace to the universe.

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