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  R E G I O N A L     P R O F I L E

Welcome to Puducherry

Puducherry is multidimensional to say the least. A place of history and preserved colonial charm. Sandy beaches, clean promenades, temples, monuments, heritage villas, quaint old - world town planning, spiritual mystique and a lingering French ambience define its unique character. It is definitely a place to unwind or just be - a great weekend getaway from Chennai or Bangalore. Further, it is in close proximity to historically renowned south Indian towns and cities known variously for their art, religious and cultural heritage as well as great natural beauty.


Languages spoken in Puducherry are Tamil, Telugu, Malayam, Hindi, French and English.


The state enjoys a tropical climate, it is usually hot and humid and the monsoon lasts from October to December.

Summer 34'C (max) and 24'C (min)
(May - June) 40'C (max) and 38'C (min)
Humidity 86% (D) 79% (N)
Rainfall October - December
Winter November - January
Economic Profile
POPULATION (2001 census) 971345
MALES 486961
FEMALES 487384
LITERACY RATE (census 2001) in % 81.2
MALE LITERATE in numbers 378758
FEMALE LITERATE in numbers 317609
NSDP at current prices (2002-2003)* Rs Crores 3828 Rs Crores *(2002-2003)
PER CAPITA NSDP (2002-03) at current prices Rs 38162 Rs *(2002-2003)
Industry Profile
Industries Large scale    Total
Food Products 3 798  
Cotton Products 7 730  
Wood Products --- 413  
Paper Products 3 337  
Chemicals & Chemical Products 11 1410  
Non metallic mineral products 11 1410  
Metal Products 2 723  
Machinery Products 2 440  
Micellaneous Products --- 172  
Repairing & Servicing --- 236  
Total   6162  
Area Profile
Total Area 492 sq.km
Puducherry (code:0413) 293 sq.km
Karaikal (code:4368) 160 sq.km
Mahe (code:497) 9 sq.km
Yanam (code:884) 30 sq.km