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Chief Secretary or Secretaries
DistrictHelplinePhone No.
Chief Electoral Off & Secretary B.Vijayan I.A.S2334484, 2272083
Chief Secretary (0413) 2334145
Hon'ble Agriculture Minister2336373, 2227780
Hon'ble Chief Minister 2333399, 2335530
Hon'ble Deputy Speaker 2335326, 2343180
Hon'ble Health Minster 2337733, 2330080
Hon'ble Social Welfare Minister2336374, 2227786
Hon'ble Speaker 2334461, 2334450
Hon'ble Tourism Minister 2220602, 2337371
Hon'ble Welfare Minister 2335014, 2336546
Lieutenant - Governor & Minister 2334051, 2334050
Member of Parliament (Loksabha)011-23357009, 2331579
Member of Parliament (Rajyasabh)011-23354813, 2222291
Secretary - Education / Arts & Culture Social welfare, Transport M.Sathiyavathy I.A.S 2236115, 2272718
T.T. Joseph I.A.S(0413) 2335512


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