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Puducherry Tourism

      Puducherry, not to let out a big secret, is nestled on the Eastern seaboard of India. Even now a relatively peaceful town as far as tourist movement goes, Puducherry is an enchanting and fascinating place. Whether you are looking for a romantic rendezvous or a fun filled resort vacation, Puducherry can accommodate all of your gateway desires. Helios-worshippers can find miles of sun-kissed beaches while the sun-weary can indulge themselves at incredible restaurants and treat themselves to unique shopping experiences.

      Often referred to as "A little piece of Medieval France in India" and "... a sleepy provincial French town", Puducherry has managed to retain its French aura. From it's delightful restaurants offering French cuisine and streets bearing French names, Puducherry's French connection is very much alive - yet, very subtle. As one tourist guide proclaims "... Puducherry's Frenchness seems to play hide-and-seek". In Puducherry you will find a 'West Boulevard' parallel to a 'Chinna Subbraya Street' and a 'Des Bassyins de Richmont Street' crossing over 'Mahatma Gandhi Road'. Having once been the capital of erstwhile French India, the heritage of this town has a special flavour not found anywhere else in the Indian sub-continent. The French town-sense, neatly laid roads cutting each other at ninety degrees, wide and vibrant beach promenade, French colonial history, the eventful life of Joseph Francois Duplex - whose majestic statue overlooks the Goubert Avenue contemplatively, architecturally admirable churches and public structures of a bygone era, all of these coalesce to give Puducherry its unique milieu.

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