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Discover a slice of Puducherry.
630 Kms away from it.
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           60 Kms north of Calicut is a beautiful slice of history called Mahe. This warm, calm, sunny spot was named after a French naval Captain, Francois Mahe de Labourdonnais. Located on the exact opposite coast of Puducherry, Mahe shares many similarities with it.

          Mahe lies on the western side of the Western Ghats amidst lush green groves and a beautiful shoreline, crisscrossed by the river Mahe. In addition to its virgin splendour, Mahe also has a wonderful French heritage that dates back to 1721. But ask visitors what’s really alluring about Mahe and there’s an often-repeated reply you hear – it’s a place where you can do so much without really having to do anything. Ready to experience Mahe?
  Places to Visit
Government House, Mahe

           This is a heritage building of gothic architecture built during the French regime facing the Arabian Sea. From the adjoining hill we get an impressive sight of the beaches, the green Island, the sea and Mahe river.

Water Sports Complex, Manjakkal

           The Water Sports Complex is located on the bank of the Mahe river, encircling a rocky area at the eastern border of Mahe. From here, you can catch a wonderful panoramic view of the high rising mountains of Wayanad, the Kanakamala hill, the railway bridge, the wide river marshlands and mangroves. Water sports facilities include motorized boats and pedal boats.

Puthalam Temple

           Puthalam Bhagavathi Temple, situated in Mahe town, is an ancient temple where the ritual dance/Thirayattam is conducted every year from 7th to 9th March. Thirayattam is the most famous ritual art of North Kerala that is a combination of art, craft, choreography, painting, dancing, acting and singing.

St. Theresa Church

           This famous Christian Church was built by the French Government in 1737 and reconstructed later. The miraculous statue of St. Theresa of Avila is exposed for public veneration at this shrine during the period of festival between the 5th & 22nd of October every year. It is a festival of Mahe irrespective of religion or caste.

Juma Masjid, Manjakal

           Juma Masjid, Manjakal is the oldest mosque in Mahe. The ancient mosque has since been reconstructed to revive its excellent architectural beauty.

The Beaches

           The broad Valavil and Parakal beaches extend for 2 Kms, and continue indefinitely towards the south of Kerala. On the opposite side of the Mahe River is the new Mahe beach stretching all the way up to the Kodothy rock and the Punnol beach. The Mankallu Rock at Valavil beach projects from the shore to the waves and is continued by the rockline skirting the hill up to the Tagore Park.

Tagore Park

           The beautiful park is located near Government House, Mahe and houses the Freedom Fighters memorial and the statue of "MARIANNE" having historical importance of French revolution.


All standard restaurants in Mahe and adjacent cities of Thalassery and Vadakara offer a variety of dishes comprising prawns, mussles, oysters, crabs, bananas, coconuts, fish and spices.


Mahe is mainly the business center for imported liquors, jewellery, tiles, electrical item and other types of hardware. Business booms in Mahe thanks to tax reductions.


State Bank of India, Canara Bank and South Indian Bank come with ATM facilities. Other banks in the region are Syndicate Bank and Indian Bank.
  Places Around Mahe
Kannur – 30 Kms North

Place to visit: Payyambalam Beach
St. Angelo Fort
Parassinikadavu Sri.Muthappan Temple
Snake Park
Dharmadam Island
Muzhapilangad Drive-in Beach
Gundert Bungalow
Thalassery Fort
Malayala Kalagramam
Sri Raja Rajeswara Temple, Taliparamba

Kasaragod – 145 Kms North

Place to visit: Bakel Fort

Kozhikode (Calicut) – 60 Kms South

Place to visit: Kappad Beach
Kadalundi Birds Sanctuary
Lokanarkavu Temple
Peruvannamuzhi Dam
Pazhassiraja Museum
Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala
Guruvayur Sri Krishna Temple

Place to visit:

Chembra Peak Highest Peak in Wayanad,Ideal for trekking.
Banasura Project Mini Hydel Project with the Largest earth dam in India.
Edakkal Caves New Stone Age pictorial writings on the walls.
Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary Contiguous to the protected area network of Nagarhole and Bandipur of Karnataka.
Vythiri Lofty peaks, gurgling streams and luxuriant forests add magic to this hill station.
Air Airport – Karipur Airport, Kozhikode
Phone – 0483 – 2712762
(90 Kms. South of Mahe)

Rail There are direct trains from Mahe and Thalassery to all the main towns in Kerala and the major cities in India

Road NH – 17 –connects Mahe to all the cities and tourist centers by excellent road networks.
  Useful Phone Numbers
Tourist Information Center 0490 – 2332560 – Extension 205
Govt. House, Mahe 0490 – 2332560, 2332222
Police Control Room 0490 - 2332323/100
Superintendent of Police 0490 – 2332513
Government Hospital, Mahe 0490 – 2332243
Railway Station, Mahe 0496 – 2500123
Railway Station, Thalassery 131
At Mahe

Government Tourist Home 0490 – 2332560 – Extension 205
Zara Resorts 0490 – 2332503
Aswathi Guest House 0490 – 2334475
Arena Tourist Home 0490 – 2337084

At Thalassery (8 Km North)

Pearl View Regency 0490 – 2326702 to 09
Paris Presidency 0490 – 2342666 to 68
Ayisha Manzil 0490 – 2341590
  For Further Information
Regional Administrator, Mahe.
Phone: (0490) 2332222
Fax: (0490) 2332960


Directorate of Tourism,
No. 40, Goubert Avenue,
Puducherry – 605001.
Phone: (0413) 2334575
Fax: (0413) 2333590