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 Showers of Gold in Kanchi
Kanchi - A Theatre for God's Miracles:

     Kanchipuram is a granary of art and architecture. It is also the birth place of many saints and scholars. Sri Poigai Alwar, first among the Alwars was born in this sacred city. Nayanmars like Sakkiya Nayanar, Thirukurippu Thonda Nayanar, Iyadigal Kadavarkon lived in this city and attained salvation. The association of renowned religious teachers like Sri Adi Sankara, Sri Mooka Sankara and Sri Ramanuja and eminent Acharyas like Sri Nigamantha Maha Desigar and Sri Manavalamamuni adds to the greatness of this holy city. Great devotees like Thirukachinambi and Thirukachchiappa Sivacharya who are distinguished as the recipient of God's grace and the learned scholar Sri Parimelazhagar, reputed for his commentary on 'Thirukkural' dwelled in this city. In defence to the Prayers of these noble souls affluent in god's grace, the Almightly chose to perform many miracles in this holy city of Kanchi. Kanchi is, therefore described as a theatre for God's miracles.

Showers of Gold:

     The occurence of showers of gold in Kanchi on two occassions is noteworthy among such miracles of the Divine. On one occassion, there were showers of gold by the grace of goddess Sri Kamakshi and on another occassion by the grace of Sri Perumdevi, the consort of Lord Varadaraja. These incidents are Proof-Positive of God's concern for substantianting the efficacy of the devotees' prayers and also, the boundless compassion of the Lord.

     When Akasabhoopathi ruled over Kanchi, there was drought and famine. He was also longing to have a child who could be the heir to the Kingdom. So the King undertook a Vratha praying to Goddess Kamakshi to cause rains and also to bless him with a child. By the grace of Goddess Sri Kamakshi, Akasabhoopathi was blessed with a son. The King wanted to share his joy with his subjects and arranged for mass-feeding. Goddess Kamakshi came to the pandal in the guise of a maiden and sat in the row meant for ladies. As she started consuming food, there were showers of gold. When they were wondering at it, they were further amazed to hear the child Thundeeran, son of King Akasabhoopathi coming out with an explanation that while the Queen was winnowing the grains for the mass feeding, a grain of gold fell from her ring and got mixed up with the food grains and it so happened that the golden grain got mingled with the food consumed by Goddess Sri Kamakshi as she ate the food in the guise of a Sumangali. As a result, there were showers of gold in Kanchi by the grace of the Goddess Sri Kamakshi.

     Sri Nigamantha Maha Desigar was one of the eminent vaishnavite Acharyas noted for his scholarship and simplicity. He was born in a place called Thooppul near Kanchipuram. He was an ardent devotee of Lord Varadharaja. He was very much popular and as familiarity breeds contempt, some of his contemporaries who were jealous of his eminence and popularity plotted to put him to insult. They chose a very poor lad who was a simpleton and sent him to Swami Desigar for help. Tutored by the mischief-mongers the lad approached the pious but poor Acharya for financial assistance to meet his marriage expenses. Sri Desigar didn't have any money to help the lad. At the same time he did not want to send the lad disappointed . So he invoked the blessings of Goddess Perumdevi, the consort of Sri Varadharaja to fulfill the lad's desire. Mother Goddess Sri Perumdevi who is Mahalakshmi, the Goddess of riches was very much pleased with the selfless prayers of Sri Desigar and in reponse to his prayers, emerged an intense downpour of gold coins much to the chagrin of the rivals of Sri Desigar and the delight of the lad and Sri Desigar. The Compositions then rendered by Sri Desigar in Praise of Sri Mahalakshmi showering the grace on devotees as Sri Perumdevi of Kanchi came to be called as "SRISTHUTHI".

    The showers of gold in Kanchi are only some of the innumerable miracles that occurred by the grace of God and are examples to show the world that God is omnipotent and that surrender unto him is the sure path for peace and prosperity. Kanchi is a sacred pilgrim center for both saivites and Vaishnavites and the Glorious Temples of Kanchi are visited by pilgrims all over the country and the sculptural beauty of the Temples attract even foreigners visiting our country and thus a popular pilgrim center. A visit to the Temple city of Kanchi bestows peace of mind and by the worship of the Daities in Kanchi kshetra Devotees clerish their desires and also tend to tred the path of Dharma.

Sri Kamakshi Oevi
(Utsava Murthi)