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 The Temples of Sri Vaikunta Natha Permul
  Puranic Origin:


Pandava Dootha Perumal     The enjoyment of Supreme Bliss arises from pondering over the Lord's resplender form chanting his holy names, extolling his auspicious attributes, singing hymns in praise of his glory, having darshan of his Archavatara Moorthis, conversing with like-minded devotees about the sanctity of his shrines, constructing temples and undertaking renovative works in them. The famous Pallava King Nandivaraman also called Mallayarkon wanted to worship Lord Vishnu as an Archavatara Moorthy in the same form as in Vaikuntam and constructed a temple for Sri Vaikuntanadha in Kancheepuram and this temple is sung by Alwars as "Parameswara Vinnagaram'.

     The Pallava King Mallayarkon labouring under a curse, got released from it by the grace of Sri Vaikunta PerumaI. By his grace, he also begot a son.Pandava Dootha Perumal As a token of his gratitude, he constructed this temple to enable all devotees to dip into the sea of his grace. Tirumangai Azhawar, who has sung in praise of this deity, has also referred to this Pallava King in his pasurams.

    The King, it seems, had a kettledrum whose thunderlike sound frightened his enemies so much that they fled back from the war-front. Tirumangai Azhwar, eulogising the King, says that the Pallava King's enemies surrended to him because of his surrender to the Lord Sri Vaikunatanatha Peru mal.

Description of the Temple:

Pandava Dootha Perumal      Lord Vaikunta Perumal dwells under Mukunda Vimana in a sitting posture facing west. This temple is near Kancheepuram Railway Station. His Consort is worshipped by the devotees with the sacred name 'Sri Vaikuntavalli'. There are three tiers in this temple. In the lower, middle and upper tier, the Lord is seen in sitting, reposing and standing postures respectively. While circumambulating the main sannidhi, we come across a treasure house of artistic sculptures. The life history of many Pallava Kings is portrayed here.

    If we reach the middle tier climbing up the steps, we see the Lord reposing on Adishesha, facing west with his Lotus feet, pointing towards the South. Inscriptions here reveal that the Pallava King Nandivarman constructed this temple and also catalogue the names of other Pallava Kings who undertook constructive works in this temple.

Pandava Dootha Perumal     The temple, situated in the North East between Kanchipuram Railway Station and Bus Stand, is maintained by the H R & C E, Dept. of Goverment of Tamil Nadu and is protected as a monument by the Archaeological department of the Government of India.

    The Brahmotsavam of this temple is celebrated in the asterism Punarvasu in the month of Chitrai. Vaikunta Ekadasi Festival and Kaisika Dwadasi Festival celebrated at this temple are very famous.

    Pilgrims who visit this temple worship the Lord for cherishing the desires and carry with them the satisfaction of having seen a treasure of sculptural beauty and the memory of the devotion of the Mighty Pallava Kings to Lord Sri Vaikuntanadha.