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N A V A G R A H A   T E M P L E S Introduction
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Sri Naganathaswamy Temple - Tirunageswaram


    Once, Saint Sushila cursed Sri Ragu Bagavan - Sun’s Ascend Node, one of the nine-orbiting planets. To absolve his curse, Ragu worshipped Lord Siva in Kumbakonam Kilkottam in the first quarter of the night - First Jamam and Senbakaranyam in the Second quarter,Rahu - The Dragon's Head and Thirupamburam in the Third quarter, and Nagaikaronam in the Fourth quarter and at last at Usha time came to this holy Senbaka forest and prayed to him to absolve his curse. So, we can see Sri Ragu Bagavan with his two consorts in his marriage posture in the Southwest corner of this temple. Because of the serpent deity Ragu’s worship, the Lord here also been called Naganathar, and this village Tirunageswaram.

About Rahu - The planet of success:

     Rahu is the source of plenty. Kalathra dosham, puthira dosham, communicable diseases, mental disorders, leprosy, fall in grace are caused by Rahu dosham. Praying to Rahu at this sthala helps rid a person from these factors and also saves the person from all poisonous life forms.His colour is black, his vahana is blue lion; the grain associated with him is orid; the flower-mandarai; fabric-black cloth; gem- Komedagam; food-rice mixed with orid dhal powder.

     The Puranas say that Rahu is instrumental in strengthening one's power and converting even an enemy into a friend. Even the effect of a snakebite could be removed by his grace. Success of effort is a blessing of Rahu as he stands for vigour and valour. Following the direction of your Rahu is quite a bit like being a sailor in ancient times. To keep their boats on course toward their destination, sailors kept looking for the North Star (one of the brightest stars in the sky) to get where they were going. They encountered many obstacles on their journeys - pirates, fog, thunderstorms, marshy swamps and more - yet they kept their focus on the North Star to guide them safely to their goal. Perhaps you have pirates, fog, thunderstorms and other distractions in your life, too! Whether it is irritating people, confusion about relationships or goals, or your own strong emotions, when you get thrown off course by situations and events in your life, you can look to your Rahu sign to help you get back on track. Learn as much as you can about your Rahu sign and try to develop its best characteristics.

    Sri Naganathaswamy TempleAdverse effects of Rahu will be, such as, misunderstanding among relations and loss of money, illness and unnecessary medical expenditure.

    By worshiping Rahu we may get favourable effect such as improvement in financial position, increase in comforts, disappearance of bad habits, development of good habits

Rahu may be worshiped on any day. It will reduce the ill effects considerably

About Temple:

     Sri Naganathaswamy temple, which is also the Ragu Abode, is a magnificent Temple situated seven kilometers east of Kumbakonam, in Tanjore District, Tamilnadu State of India.

    This temple occupies an area of 15 acres and it has Vast prakarams, towering gopurams, and several mandapams. The fort like walls which surround the outermost prakaram are pierced with four entry towers. There are as many as 12 Theerthams here. There is an image of Sekkizhaar and a mandapam built by him, here as well.

    This temple was built by Gandaraditya Chola son of Parantaka Chola I. The inner mandapams and the outer mandapams were built by Sekkizhaar and Govinda Deekshitar (minister of Achyutappa Nayakar).

    Thirunaageswaram Shivastalam is a vast temple known for its shrine to Raahu, one of the nine celestial bodies - Navagraham - hence a Navagrahastalam visited by thousands. (Rahu and Ketu are associated with the legend of the churning of the milky ocean.)

    It is located adjacent to the Vaishnava Divya Desam Uppiliappan Kovil outside the town of Kumbhakonam. Sekkizhaar, the author of Periyapuranam, named the temple that he built at Kunrattur in Tondai Nadu after this temple.

    There is a shrine to Raahu in one of the prakarams. The Piraiani Nudalaal Ambaal shrine is situated in the inner mandapam near the Naganather shrine, while the Girikuchambika shrine is housed in a separate sanctum.


    Rahu inside the templeLegend has it that the mythological serpents Aadi Seshan, Dakshan and Kaarkotakan worshipped Shiva here. Legend also has it that Nala worshipped Shiva here as in Tirunallaar. Gowtama muni, Paraasarar and Bhageerata are also associated with legends related to this temple.

Nagabatheswarar and the Goddess is Piraiyani Valnuthal Ammai.

Offerings for worshipping the God:

    Ragu is attired with blue and is offered with urid dhal (black gram) and mantharai flower. It is believed that offering the above to Shri Ragu Bagavan will bring victory in all leads of life. Milk abishekam is done to Sri Ragu Bagavan.

Special Poojas:

    As Ragu, the serpent deity is enshrined here with his two consorts in the Southwest corner of this temple, the devotees with Ragu Dhosham , in one’s Horoscope Ragu the Ascend Node of the Sun is in 5th the place or in 7th place or in 8th place, they are considered as harmful to the welfare of the devotees and hence are called in the name of Dhosham does milk abishekam to the Lord and thereby get rid of their Dhoshams

Mantra for Rahu:

Aum rang rahuve namah aum

Opening Hours:

6.00 A.M. to 1.00 P.M. and 4.00 P.M. to 8.30 P.M.