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N A V A G R A H A   T E M P L E S Introduction
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Sri Saneeswara Baghavan , Thirunallar


    This is an ancient Siva temple probably constructed in 7th Century A.D. Dharbarenyeswarar is the main deity and Lord Saturn, Sri Pranambigai, Sri Thiagarajar and Sri Vinayagar are other deities.Shani - The Saturn The Saneeswarar temple of Sri Dharbarenyeswaraswamy Devasthanam attracts devotees not only from India but also from other Countries. This temple is unique in its kind and is the only temple dedicated to Lord Saturn where he is a blessing God having "Abhayahastham" . As per the history of the temple, the great King Nala of Puranic fame was relieved of the affliction of Lord Saturn or Lord Saneeswaran af ter worshipping the Lord consecrated in this temple. Whoever visits this temple and prays before Lord Saneeswaran is believed to have been relieved of all the curses and sufferings and get the blessings of Lord for a happy and prosperous life.

About Saturn - Celestial taskmaster:

    Saneeswaran is reputed to be both, a giver and destroyer. A person who prays to Saneeswaran will be blessed with not only riddance from the problems and worries faced, but a life that one desires.His colour is black; his vahana the crow; the grain associated with him is gingelley; the flower - vanni and black kuvalai; fabric - black cloth; gem - neelam (blue saphire); food - rice mixed with gingelley powder.

    Saturn is the planet of responsibility, and symbolizes the ethic of hard work. Under its influence a person's character is strengthened through trial and difficulty. It has been said that Saturn disciplines us until we can learn to discipline ourselves. Saturn was also a symbol for Father time, for he brought to an end all things that has a beginning. In astrology Saturn is the planet of diligence,self-control and limitation. Its domain is patience, stability, maturity and realism. Its influence is stern and restrictive, cold and severe..

    Saturn is called the Celestial Taskmaster, for it teaches us the lessons we must learn in life. In the grand plan of the universe, Saturn does not give us more than we can handle. Under Saturn's influence we achieve by overcoming obstacles and hardship. Sometimes the effort itself is the reward, for effort is what builds character. In the end, what we learn under Saturn's influence we keep for the rest of our lives. Saturn's position in your chart indicates how well you accept responsibility, whether you are self-disciplined, and what delays and opposition you can expect to encounter. When its influence is prominent you tend to be reliable, trustworthy and patient. Saturn gives the power to endure, and provides the tenacity and perseverance to realize your potential. Saturn's effect is to delay rewards until they are earned. It perfects human nature while it bestows and ability to wait. It is the planet of courage, steadfastness and integrity. Many people shrink from accepting its burdens, but Saturn is not to be feared. If you look into your past, you will probably see that you have achieved lasting strength and satisfaction from triumphing over obstacles.

    As a negative influence, Saturn can make a person overly ambitious, calculating and selfish, solitary, inhibited and unhappy. Its negative influence is associated with inflexibility, cruelty, humorlessness and pessimism. Saturn also represents illness, handicaps and misfortune. Saturn is our destiny. It rules fate, the things we cannot escape, and the payment we must make for what we receive.

    Saturdays are the most appropriate days for worshipping Sri Sani Baghawan. He should be decorated with black cloth; those who have afflicted Saturn in their horoscope should wear Blue precious stones. Very Saturday one should burn sesame lamp, and this will help reduce adverse effects to a great extent.

    Favourable effect of Sri Sani Baghawan will result in many fortunes and benefits like good health, success in all endeavours, peace of mind, proper respect from members of family and relations, prosperity, interest and enthusiasm in life.

About Temple:

     Sri Dharbarenyeswaraswamy Devasthanam, Thirunallar is one of the famous Lord Siva temples in India. Thirunallar is located 5 kilometers west of Karaikal in the bus route of Karaikal-Mayiladuthurai and Kumbakonam.

     Sri Saneeswara Baghavan Thirunallaru Shivastalam is a vast temple shrine of great significance, especially in light of Saneeswarar's sannidhi here, which attracts thousands when the planet Saturn transits between zodiac sign. Tirunallar is located in close proximity to Karaikkal and Nagappattinam, (is under the administration of Puducherry) and is well connected by road to many other towns in the area. Tirunallar is best accessed, driving from Mayiladuturai or from Nagapattinam.

    Tirunallar is one of the 7 Saptavitanka stalams of Tyagaraja connected with the Mucukunda Chola legend and Tiruvarur - housing Nagavitankar (Unmatta Natanam). The seven Vitankastalams are Tiruvarur, Tirukkuvalai, Tirukkaaraivaasal, Tirumaraikkaadu, Tiru Naagai, Tirunallaaru and Tiruvaimur.

    The image of Tyagarajar at Tiruvarur is the foremost of the 7 from which Indra is believed to have asked Muchukunda Cholan to pick the original image of Somaskandar worshipped by Mahavishnu. Muchukunda Cholan is believed to have picked the right one (the image at Tiruvarur), and Indra is believed to have rewarded him with all of the 7 images, which the latter installed at 7 different places within his territory, and it is these 7 temples which constitute the 7 Vitankastalams.

    Tirunallar is also associated with Sambandar's Pachaippatikam which remained 'green' even in the midst of his 'Anal Vaatam' at Madurai. King Nala of the puranas is said to have been relieved of his afflictions upon worshipping here.

    The Tirunallar temple is a one of a kind temple with a shrine of this grandeur exclusively dedicated to Saturn. The architectural features date back to the Chola period and inscriptions dating back to the twelfth century AD are found in the temple.


    Several mythological stories are associated with this temple. It is said that King Nala was under the influence of Sani, i.e. Saturn for an extended period of time in his life and went through several ordeals and obtained total relief only after worshipping Shiva at this shrine.

    This temple has many holy tanks and one of it is known as Nala Theertham that is considered most sacred. It is located in the Northwest part of the temple. King Nala took bath in this Tank and got rid of adverse and evil effect. A bath or sprinkling the water from the tank over the head with total devotion will help to get rid of adverse inflictions of evils will vanish and so will sorrow.


Darbharanyeswarar, Praneswari(Goddess).Shani inside the temple

Offerings for worshipping the God:

    Saneeswara bahavan is attired in black colour the grain associated with him is sesame, the flower - vanni and blue kuvalai ; fabric - black cloth; gem - neelam (blue saphire); food - rice mixed with sesame powder are offered during pooja.

Special Poojas:

    Worship services are performed five times a day. Other than these, a whole host of festivities are held throughout the year. On Tamil New Year's day, (marked by the transition of the Sun from Pisces to Aries according to the Indian astrological system) Tyagaraja is taken in a procession and oblations are performed to the Emerald Lingam.

    A grand eighteen day festival is performed in the month of Vaikashi (when the sun resides in the sign of Taurus). The tenth day of this festival, when the moon resides passes through the sign of Scorpio, Saneeswarar (Saturn) is taken in procession. This day is said to mark the day when King Nala was relieved of the influence of Saturn.

    The month of Aani (Gemini) witnesses festivities related to Nataraja - Shiva - the Lord of Dance. The month of Aadi (Cancer) marks the time for special services to Sundaramoorthy Nayanar - one of the foremost Saivite poet Saints. The full moon night in the month of Purattasi (Leo) witnesses several special services to the Emerald Lingam. This month also is the time for the nine day festival for the Goddess Pranambika (Navaratri). In the month of Aippasi (Libra) is celebrated a festival for Subramanya.

    During the month of Kartikai (Scorpio), Kartikai Deepam is celebrated, marked by a procession of the five principal temple deities and by the symbolic bonfire. The month of Markali (Saggitarius) is when, a ten day festival dedicated to Natarajar is performed, where verses from Tiruvempavai are recited. There are several other festivals including one on Panguni Uthiram.

    Perhaps, the best known festival here is the one marking the transition of Saturn between Zodiac sign. This happens once in two and a half years and is visited by hundreds of thousands of deities. The entire town wears a festive look as the deity Saneeswarar is taken in a procession around town.

Mantra for Saturn:

Aum aing hring shring shung shanaishcharaye namah aum

Opening Hours:

6.00 A.M. to 1.00 P.M. and 4.00 P.M. to 9.00 P.M.